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Protect Your Investment with a Home Warranty

We know that our homes are some of the best built homes in the nation, and that’s why we provide you with a 7-Year Extended Warranty

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Manufactured Homes -vs- Site Built Homes


  • The structural integrity of a mobile home, manufactured home, or modular home is superior to a site-built home. All components of a system-built home are assembled with jigs, ensuring precision. On a site-built home, carpenters often have to be creative to make things fit, since measurements are not exact.

  • A home built in a factory is constructed under climate-controlled conditions. This allows builders to avoid weather-related defects: moisture saturation of lumber, drywall, and insulation; warping of walls and doors; and cracking of brittle materials. Therefore, factory-built also means no delays caused by weather.

  • Factory-built homes are shipped over the road to their final destination. They must be built stronger than more conventionally built homes. Major components (walls, floors, and ceilings) are often bonded with glue in addition to being nailed.

  • A system-built home of today is more tightly constructed, which improves energy efficiency.

  • Close quality control-once construction begins, system-built homes must undergo far more inspections than site-built homes.

7-Year Extended Warranty

Your new home is covered by a 7-Year Extended Warranty. During the course of construction, the design and the quality of workmanship of your home will have been checked to ensure it meets the required standards. The structural coverage will warranty the following components: • Steel Frame • Load Bearing and Non-Load Bearing Framing • Interior Walls • Exterior Siding • Tie-Down Straps and Anchors • Sub-Floor Structure • Doors (Including Sliding Doors) • Windows. The systems and appliances coverage will warranty the following components: • Electrical System – all components and parts, including ceiling fans • Plumbing System – leaks and ruptures of water, drain, gas, water or vent lines; toilet tanks, bowls and related mechanisms; toilet wax ring seals; valves for shower, tub and diverter, angle stops, risers and gate valves; built-in bathtub whirlpool motor and pump assemblies • Central Air Conditioning System – ducted electric wall air conditions systems; water evaporative cooler systems; costs related to FREON recapture; ducted electric central air conditioning systems including condenser, metering devices (i.e. thermal expansion valves); furnace transition; evaporator coils and drain lines; air handling unit; air handling transition; secondary drain pan and lines; refrigerant lines • Heating System or Built-In Wall Heating Unit – Heating systems including heat pump-metering devices (i.e. thermal expansion valves); furnace transition; evaporator coils and drain lines; air handling unit; air handling transition; secondary drain pan and refrigerant lines. • Appliances – refrigerator, oven/range/cooktop, dishwasher, built-in microwave, water heater, clothes washer and dryer.

1-Year Limited Warranty

Your home manufacturer provides a 1-Year Limited Warranty covering the following components: roofing materials installation, roof structure, floors and trim installation, sub-floor structure, exterior and interior walls, exterior doors and windows, frame, insulation, electrical devices, powered ceiling fans, interior doors, cabinets and countertops, exterior siding, general structure envelope, concealed electrical system, concealed plumbing system, and heating and cooling system. Some components of your new home have individual warranties provided by the original component manufacturer unique to each home. New homeowners will be provided with a complete Warranty Manual for their records detailing these warranties in full.

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